Thursday, February 25, 2010

tune yards are off their rocker...happy thursday!

i love this tune yards song, and i'm digging the sweet face paint designs + fashion mullets on these (subtly) mustachioed babes. enjoy.

i wish i wrote this

this is the prettiest song, with the prettiest description accompanying it that i wish i wrote.. (maybe find better adjectives then pretty and you'd be one step closer, amelia.)

"drums seems to be falling down stairs in slow motion, handclaps keep time, and a twinkling synth seems refracted by sunlight." (via Delicious Scopitone) don't you love that?

read more here, listen here, etc etc. "Breaststroke"

...i'm being lazy and feel like listening to PRETTY music rather than dissecting at the moment. so thank you, pitchfork, for doing it for me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

natalia for homework

for my "figure in drawing" midterm project, my class had to do a white on black portrait of someone who inspires us. i'm obsessed with natalia vodianova, as well as the photographer hedi slimane. sooooo, i drew natalia based off a hedi photograph. (we're all on a first name basis, obvi).

this is also unfinished, but i have a feeling i wont remember to snap a picture before i turn in the final project.

creeeeepy huh? sorry nat.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

shoes make the man and besides, uggs are over.

"la la la just going for a walk in my fav weather-sensible aliens."

"my shoes are practical so i don't need gloves."

this is a MAN wearing these shoes, eff why eye.

i think...i mean...I KNOW i'm in love. fierce-footed solider of nyfw blizzard, call me.

shoes: olivier theyskins for nina ricci

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i only have eyes for you

rodarte nyfw fall 2010 collection

my sketches...

watercolor pencil and...omg water

watercolor and fine point pen

the backs of rodarte's ethereal dresses reminded me of claire dane's wings in romeo and juliette

the dress that inspired my first sketch

via @carolhan

Monday, February 15, 2010


my take on a photograph i found on a blog about the devastation in haiti. i wish i could remember the blog or the photographer- i will try to be better about that. anyway, i wanted to show hope as opposed to fear.

charcoal (this medium photographs extremely flat, and my camera cell phone, so the quality is not fantastic.)


a large part of the reason i began this blog was to ease into the creation of an online portfolio, in case i ever decide i want to become romantic and restless and use my art as a way of survival.

this was a homework assignment- large scale rendering of a master drawing

prisma color

unicorns are real