Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sketches from NYFW SS11 Shows

The beginning of a ton of my sketches from my favorite looks from NYFW's SS11 shows.

Let's start with the show that closed NYFW, Oscar de la Renta.


Gloves!!! How I long for an occasion to wear proper (non-wintry) gloves.

Holy glamour/Holy I need a scanner

Chic chic chic chic chic

Need: Dress with white cotton candy fluffy cloud angel heaven SJP-in-Paris skirt

(Posting Rodarte tomorrow...)


  1. Mike and I told you to go to art school! these are great and if I don't get some prints you're not getting a Christmas present! They are beautiful. You should send to Aunt Gerry and Jane.

  2. My favorite is number three, absolutely incredible. The Chic one is also fabulous, you have some great talent

  3. Love your sketches! I really admire those who can draw, and the details that go into your sketches are very inspiring!

    Keep up the great sketches, I am definitely following!